How to do capsules?

1. Prepare steroid powders and filler, and mix them up well

2. Prepare capsule filling plate and capsule cap.

3. We can provide you all the things to do capsule.
99%+ Purity Steroid Powders
Filler Material
Capsule Filling Plates
Capsule Caps

4. Capsule caps model and filing plates

The Standard Of Capsule Shell
Size Length(mm) wall Thickness(mm) Cut diameter (mm) Average Weight(mg) Limited weight(mg)
00# cap 11.70±0.40 0.105~0.120±0.020 8.50~8.60 125±6 Average weight±8.0
body 20.2±0.40 0.105~0.120±0.020 8.15~8.25
0#E cap 11.70±0.40 0.100~0.110±0.020 7.61~7.71 125±6 Average weight±8.0
body 20.2±0.40 0.100~0.110±0.020 7.30~7.40
0# cap 11.00±0.40 0.085~0.115±0.020 7.61~7.71 98±5 Average weight±7.0
body 18.60±0.40 0.085~0.115±0.020 7.30~7.40
1# cap 9.80±0.40 0.085~0.115±0.020 6.90~7.00 75±4 Average weight±6.0
body 16.60±0.40 0.080~0.110±0.020 6.61~6.69
2# cap 9.00±0.40 0.080~0.110±0.020 6.32~6.40 60±4 Average weight±5.0
body 15.40±0.40 0.080~0.110±0.020 6.05~6.13
3# cap 8.10±0.40 0.080~0.105±0.020 5.79~5.87 52±4 Average weight±4.0
body 13.60±0.40 0.080~0.105±0.020 5.53~5.61
Attention: Please pay attention to protect them from piling,sun shining,damping and heating during transportation.The product must be stored in the clean,dry and well-ventilated warehouse where the relative moisture is 35%-65%,and relative temperature is 10°C-25°C.It is forbidden to store the capsule outside.


 Packing Information
size 00# 0# 1# 2# 3#
Qty 75,000pcs 100,000pcs 140,000pcs 18,000pcs 220,000pcs
N.W. 9.0kgs 10.0kgs 10.0kgs 11.5kgs 12.5kgs
G.W. 12.0kgs 13.0kgs 13.0kgs 14.5kgs 15.5kgs
weight 118±7mg 96±6mg 76±5mg 61±4mg 48±5mg
volume 0.95ml 0.68ml 0.5ml 0.37ml 0.3ml
capacity 0.6g/(ml) 546mg 408mg 300mg 222mg 180mg
0.8g/(ml) 728mg 544mg 400mg 296mg 240mg
1.0g/(ml) 910mg 680mg 500mg 370mg 300mg
1.2g/(ml) 1092mg 816mg 600mg 444mg 360mg

How to produce Tablets?

1. Prepare all the necessary materials:
Steroid Powders, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, ect.

2. Put them into mixer machine to assure they’re mixed up well.

3. Put mixer into pill press machine

4.Set your press to make a pill you like. Size and shape. Weigh the tablet. Then all of your conversions will be based off the tab weight.

5.  Everything is available here to help you produce tablets of your brand
99%+ Purity Steroid Powders
Filling Materials
Mixer Machine